Names, Drawings, and more! K.L. Britton Art – Philadelphia Artist

For anyone who didn’t notice – I finally changed my name.  As you may (or may not) know, Hu was a shortened version of my last name which I used only because my relatives didn’t want people to find them on social media.  It is, however, not my real name, and never has been – just the first two letters of my last name.  After I got married I spent a long time considering the change to my last name, I have been wanting to do it forever, but as it is really close to my pen name Hu, I never did.  I already had art out as “Hu” and I would feel bad for those who had it, but I definitely wanted my name back.  Finally, after months of consideration, I have decided on the permanent change which will follow me throughout my career indefinitely, my first and last initials, and my middle name (which is my great great grandparent’s last name.)

Anyway how cool does K.L. Britton sound?  I feel like a famous Western artist already!  I think I will draw a few cowboys and horses in honor of this new change.  In the mean time here is a little figure sketch I did yesterday:


As usual it’s available on my e-bay: Check out this sensational drawing by K.L. Britton

Anyways ENJOYYYY!  Now back to drawing.

What I’m working on – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist AND STUDIO SALE!!!

This is on my instagram, but you, my dear blog readers, are the best, so here it is for you:

This is what I’m working on with a non-traditional block in.  Factually I always paint the face first, and then I grumble about as I put in the rest of the painting, so this time I’m hitting the rest of the painting first, and then grumbling as I put in the face.  Genius, right?  Changing it up a bit.

This will be my first portrait in a while – I miss it desperately!  It looks a bit cartoonish right now but they tend to do so in my first underpainting stages.

Enjoy the photos (which you could have seen first if you were cool enough to follow my instagram at username keighsie)


My original design had my French Bulldog in it, but in fact was too small for what I wanted to paint.  I got a huge canvas and I want to use it.  So sadly he was blocked out of the painting design.

loliblockin1 loliblockin2

I bought this new burnt umber which is from some fancy paint maker that cost an arm and a leg (Williamsburg is the name I think.)  Their blue is fantastic, so highly pigmented, but the umber is a little less warm than I prefer my umbers and it’s very confusing.  I’ve tried to add some burnt sienna in but it’s still not as warm as I like my shadows.  We’ll see along the way.  It does give a beautiful rich muted grey, and also that “blue” in the background was created with the ultramarine and the umber, together they just like sing a duet and then fly away on a magic carpet.

Be sure to check out the beginning of my HUGE STUDIO SALE!!! There are studies starting at $15!! YES $15!!! I have only listed the paint studies so far, but there will be drawings added soon for ridiculous prices!  Get them now while you still can (there are 2 bids on the $15 paint study!!)

Thanks for reading my friends!

My semi-monthly blog post! Philadelphia Fine Art Keighsie Hu

Hello everyone!  I am writing to say I sold a few paintings recently, and am working on a couple more.


I just sold “Dragon” an 18×24 oil on panel painting.  Parting is such sweet sorrow they say, I will really really miss this one (she’s been sitting on my desk since I painted her, never even listed for sale, but I got an e-mail from my favorite collector and couldn’t say no to sending her to a new happy home!)


This is a sneak peak at a small painting I’m doing now.  Honestly I wanted her beautiful face a lot bigger but I wasn’t able to make the composition read the way I wanted it with a larger face so here is the block in for this one!  I’m so excited!  She’s standing in front of an amazing Bouguereau (but don’t look at me to paint it in all the way…)


Now for sale on e-bay!  A nude that I did over the last week, trying to work in some figurative work.

Click here for the ebay listing – so cheap 😀

That’s all for today!  I will update progress pics of the painting I’m working on this time – but maybe after it’s done.  We’ll see! 😉

Academy of Art University Spring Show 2014 – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Keighsie Hu


I am writing because I am proud, elated, excited, honored, a billion other fantastic adjectives to be in the ACAU SPRING SHOW!! Yes, that’s right.

I just want to write about WHY this is amazing since it is so mind-blowingly awesome to me but hard to understand for the layman.

Many many years ago I wanted to go to Academy of Art University.  Maybe I found out about it from the advertising on TV, but by the time I was 16 I was certain I would give my left pinky (or thousands of dollars) to go there if I could.  As it was I graduated high school that year (at 16) and started taking just-for-kicks classes at a community college.  I wasn’t able to move to San Francisco, so I just kicked it and took yoga and Japanese and other crazy and useless classes.  At 17, I moved out on my own (with my twin), and because I wanted to be “independent” did not ask my parents for loads of cash that they couldn’t afford to send me to school, and still wasn’t able to move to or afford San Francisco.  I was a ‘dependent’ on my parents to the government, so I couldn’t afford a dime.  I went to community college some more.

Fast forward to 2009, I am now working in advertising and graphic design, and my dream has never died – get this, ACAU started offering ONLINE courses sometime in this timeframe.  I sign up for two classes using hard earned money, having poured over the graduates and students of ACAU who’s work has been exceptional (Hsin Yao Tseng, Jeremy Mann, Quaing Huang, Henry Yan who teaches there, etc etc etc blahblahblah!)  This is exciting!  But unfortunately, I can’t afford more classes.

Come to 2014 – well late 2013, I decide to apply for some art schools, they offer me generous scholarships but honestly they are STILL more expensive even with the scholarships than Academy of Art University, so I decide to do this again.  Mind you I have continued to pour over the artwork again, checking out the Spring Show listings all the time to find artwork of future or present art heroes!  And the UNTHINKABLE HAPPENS

I AM JOINING MY HEROES ON THE WALLS OF THE SPRING SHOW.  For years I have admired their works!  For years!!! Two semesters (one being half time!) I have been in the school (online!)  And YES HERE I AM I AM JOINING MY HEROES THE VERY ONES WHO INSPIRED ME ALL THESE YEARS!

Maybe I will inspire others!  Maybe someone will look at my work and think: I want to paint like that, or how beautiful, or nice eggplant, or that wine glass is really small, or nice frame that cost you an arm and a leg, or whatever, but I will be listed there amongst the best of the best, the awesomest of the awesome, in the Spring Show at ACAU  And this is WHY it’s such a huge deal to me and I still am dancing around in my head like yayayay

And there is a little look into my sensitive side for you!  Enjoy it while you can!  Here is some artwork


In the Spring Show ^


^Not in the Spring show but pretty manly.  There is my dog on the right.


^Also not in Spring Show but who knows if it would be if I had drawn it before the submissions… One can only DREAM!


A look into the process of painting – K. Hu Fine Art Daily Fine Art Blog

Well I guess my blog is not “daily”, particularly now when I am busy with school (which RULES.)  But at least I remembered to update right?

Here are a few things I’ve been working on for school, with some blurbs about the processes of painting, drawing, etc.

m10_hw1_huffman_line  m10_hw1_huffman KeighsieHuffman_bfastilllife_TheEgg_10x14oil

This is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done to date.  I love the compositional options of the birds eye view type of composition.  Seriously awesome.  Also my cool dark brown/red pot that came from some TianJin sour vegetables, 1.79 – you get veggies and this AWESOME pot.  Seriously I’d pay $3 for the pot alone.  Also I think I’m in love with plums, but still find it super challenging to mute my purples, that I make with alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue enough without raising the value.

A few notes about this painting:  I started this method where I will get a good photograph of my composition, then I will draw the line drawing from this – it has the huuuuuge advantage of not being messed up from moving a little bit – and the scale is easier to understand when you have already done the cropping.  I can do this from life, but sometimes over or under estimate the size of an object so it ends up being a little high or low.  Really you can snap a pic on your phone or anywhere, then use that as a tool to set it up – then PAINT FROM LIFE the setup, so you know you’re getting accurate colours, values, subtleties, etc.  Basically this makes my life easier, and allows me to really think about what I want my final painting to look like instead of compensating bad cropping and such.

m10_ex1_huffman_linem10_ex1_huffman_blockin  m10_ex1_huffman

This one is (obviously) fabric related.  Since I did the fabric, I couldn’t simply outline it or I’d get very confused, which area is light?  Which is shadow?  Sometimes the lines of the wrinkles go between both!  So I filled it in a bit.  I love the way it looks with just the line drawing and the scumbled burnt umber in the shadows, honestly I want to do a series of paintings that are deliberately ended at that point some day.


I am really loving anatomy.  Obviously we didn’t do hands yet still, they are this module so I’m not there, but I truly believe my understanding of human form and what makes all the bumps has just come such a long way (from this 945275_10151740897232873_1166446884_n – which you may say “but K., that drawing is not bad,” but I promise you I spent much longer on her arms than I did on the whole other drawings, and still they are stiff and don’t really describe the form of the muscles!  Maybe I will update this drawing now!

Ok to end my long update, check out my ebay now for serious DISCOUNTS and I am actually now taking offers!  I want to move these out to make room for new paintings, and more importantly, I want to go to school next semester, I won’t be able to do either of these unless you check out this cool stuff!

Thank you for reading!



Spring hasn’t come yet but I’m painting lots of still life – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu


Here is my latest still life, a full painting (not a sketch or study like my other ones have been lately.)  Don’t you want to eat that eggplant I bought 4 weeks ago when I started on this painting and the other side of it now looks like a pockled wrinkly mess?  Thank goodness one side stayed relatively ok during this duration!


This is my block in for the painting.  The block in took a while, but honestly probably not more than two hours from sketch to here.  All the time went in to then trying to get the same colour for that eggplant, which I still think I failed to do but the way it came out is slightly more accurate anyways.  I think the eggplant is my focal point (right?  Right?)  I even had to knock down the intensity of the orange at the end so it wouldn’t get distracting.  I bet you would never guess it would come out like this from the block in 😀

Once more for posterity.


A new approach to painting – Still Life by K. Hu art Philadelphia

Hello folks!  Spring is just around the corner (and by ‘around the corner’ I mean around the corner, down a few blocks, turn left, another two blocks, make a right, walk another mile or so… – it snowed yesterday.)  In honor of Spring I am trying a fresh approach to painting still life.  Really all I’ve been painting are still lifes so basically it’s a new approach to painting.

Here we have the block in:  Same as usual, but this time there is a twist!


Instead of waiting for the block in to dry so it doesn’t smear, I just go in with all the base shadows and lights.  Boom.  Fill up the whole canvas.  No waiting.  Just do it.  Takes a lot of paint at once.  Cheapskate in me cries for paint loss.


No, really, see?  It’s all blocked in, just large important forms.  Wow it looks like a coloring book.  But like without lines.  Try not to leave too many lines.


Honestly it’s that simple.  I took the time to go to each object and give it it’s preferred amount of detail.  I know the cup being in the back looks a bit surprising but the cup really really took over the painting when it was in the front and ruined my peaceful analagous vibe.


Here is detail of some line I am working with.

This quick painting took about 4 hours (more or less.) and was just a fun study with chrome.  The lime looked delicious but afterward it looked dry and brittle.  Ew.  So this is what I’ve been doing lately.  Getting ready to post a little more and make Spring the time to whip into shape 😀  There are a couple updates on since I last posted about it in case you are bored!